I have recommended to the council that a special memorial ceremony be convened to mark the lives of those who have passed away since the Covid-19 crisis began and where only limited attendance funerals have been held.

Full funeral attendances are an important part of the grieving process – as many friends, family and members of the local community typically gather to remember the lives of loved ones – and while restricted funerals have been sadly necessary in the interests of public health, there does remain a role for an appropriate community-based response involving an event hosted by the council at a safer time.

This would in my view best take the form of a tree-planting ceremony in Marlay Park – allowing social distancing for attendees if necessary – overseen by An Cathaoirleach hopefully when circumstances permit, such as in Spring 2021. This in my view would represent a simple yet empathetic ceremony for the families and friends of those concerned on behalf of the community as a response to unique poignant circumstances.