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Hainault Rd Speed Measures Approved

I have been in discussions with the Traffic Section in terms of seeking measures to reduce the extent of speeding on Hainault Road. During the February county council meeting, I…

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Brennanstown Road Traffic Scheme

During the February county council meeting, I expressed reservations about the compatibility of different objectives intertwined within this scheme, i.e. I expressed a viewpoint that the road seems too narrow…

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Leopardstown Park Lighting

I submitted a representation to seek the upgrading of lighting at designated locations on Leopardstown Park, which has now been undertaken.

Leopardstown Park Lighting Review

I have sought a review of lighting on Leopardstown Park, with a view to enhancing the luminosity during night-time hours. This is to include consideration of pruning back trees interfering…

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Joyce Green / Kilteragh Road

I have asked the council to alleviate the extent of falling branches from Joyce Green onto Kilteragh Road

Flood Prevention Measures

I have asked the council to prepare a flood risk synopsis for Torquay Road, with a view to recommending flood prevention measures in the future for rare flooding events.