A summary of points I submitted in relation to the Draft Stillorgan LAP can be found below:

1. The Stillorgan Village Movement Framework Plan should be re-incorporated as a key attribute of the updated LAP.

2. The area should become more pedestrian-friendly and for example traffic measures to reduce speeding on surrounding residential roads should be promoted. A 30 km/h ‘zone’ for surrounding residential roads would assist in this respect.

3. Noting possible future developments in relation to Stillorgan Shopping Centre, near to St.Laurence’s Park, Linden Lea Park etc. where tall storey possibilities are earmarked in the existing LAP, any such developments should ideally adhere to the following:

A) An overall aim to control the visual impact of new building heights should prevail, so as to not permit an overbearing visual impact on existing residents.

B) All new major developments should compliment each other and as such an agreed architectural vernacular for new developments should ideally be agreed upon and respected within the village – noting that this would involve possible co-operation between architects of distinct third-party developers of earmarked sites. The London Housing Design Guide (in terms of a consultative template) could be referred to in terms of preparation of an appropriate vernacular (promoting superior design to a more uniform degree) for new developments in the village that is respectful to the existing character of the village.

C) Further to point B) above, any new developments should compliment an attractive boulevard-style ambience within the village that ought to be encouraged. This would be include looking at Haussmanian arrondissements in Paris, to observe how aesthetic placement of trees, in addition to superior architectural design, can be availed of to offset and in part disguise the visual impact of any tall buildings that may materialise. The possibility, for example, of monolithic designs (with individual and non-cooperative architecture) of new tall buildings could have a significant character-altering effect on the village, leading to a lack of congruency from a visually holistic perspective, and as such the aesthetics of such developments should be carefully focused upon, in order to ensure that visual perspectives remain attractive within the village.

4. DART/LUAS connectivity is important for Stillorgan Village and in that respect enhanced feeder buses (such as the 75 route) should be focused upon in terms of possible additional services.

5. All the existing green areas within the Stillorgan area that are zoned as open amenity areas should be retained as such.

6. The restoration of swimming pool services at the Glenalbyn complex should be a primary priority.

7. A new community centre should be encouraged within the village.

8. A new library for Stillorgan Village should be constructed, replacing the aged prefab structure evident in St.Laurence’s Park.

9. The provision of more family-friendly housing units (in excess of 90 Sq. M.) should be promoted where new development occurs and this should be the primary emphasis in new construction. Superior interiors and exteriors should prevail in this respect.

10. An additional pedestrian crossing on South Avenue/Lower Kilmacud Road junction should be installed.