Local Work

Clonskeagh Tree Pruning

I advised the following recently for Clonskeagh: General trees pruning in relation to the Dodder parkland and surrounding footpaths; pruning of selected trees on Whitethorn Road and Whitebeam Road.

Rectify Lighting at Owenstown Park

I asked the council to rectify lighting lamps at the Owenstown Park the entrance to UCD.  

Tree Pruning on Upper and Lower Kilmacud Road

I have asked for trees pruning for a number of identified trees on both the Upper and Lower Kilmacud Road, including adjacent estates such as in Mount Anville Lawn, Mount…

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Leopardstown Park Lighting Review

I have sought a review of lighting on Leopardstown Park, with a view to enhancing the luminosity during night-time hours. This is to include consideration of pruning back trees interfering…

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Lower Kilmacud Road Lighting

I have requested that malfunctioning lighting near St. Laurence’s N.S. on Lower Kilmacud Road be rectified.

Joyce Green / Kilteragh Road

I have asked the council to alleviate the extent of falling branches from Joyce Green onto Kilteragh Road

Cedarmount Road / Glenabbey Road upgrading

I have requested that road upgrading maintenance be conducted for Cedarmount Road and Glenabbey Road

Marsham Court Cycle Sign

I noticed when passing Marsham Court during the summer that it had apparently become heavily disjointed following an apparent road incident, and subsequently asked the council to rectify it.

Lakelands and the Upper Kilmacud Road

I have raised a number of points at area committee stage in relation to Lakelands and the Upper Kilmacud Road, including in relation to removal of graffiti, pruning of trees,…

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Meeting of the Economic Development & Enterprise Strategic Policy Committee

At a meeting of the Economic Development & Enterprise Strategic Policy Committee held in Cabinteely, I encouraged greater Irish participation in the COSME EU programme, which is a support fund…

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